General FAQ

General FAQ

To provide an information hub for information professionals in need of improving their skills, education and professional needs in information and library science fields.

The Competencies Index is a supplementary document to describe in further detail, the competencies from the training matrix.

The Training Matrix is divided by categories, competencies and skills. The index is meant as a self-driven database of professional skillset areas. Resources are listed for the user to utilize freely, indicative to the user's areas of improvement and professional needs.


The work being done with bclibslearn is a cooperative effort of a UBC iSchool Master's student, Meghan Kinnarny and the Northern Library Federations, Libraries Cooperative tech team, as well as collective information from previous organizations to be used for the construction of this website and its content. The bclibslearn concept was originally the initiative if North East Library Federation and funded by the Libraries Branch, Ministry of Education

No, not at this time.

bclibslearn does not personally offer any courses, however, the website does provide a resources page so that users can seek courses from a variety of global, online organizations.

The Resources tab lists many options for online educational support, courses, and self-paced degrees and certifications.